We make your thinking into reality. Our multi-disciplined team can develop artwork for your specification and requirements within the time-bound. With branding strategy and interactive studio we design for your every need. We deliver exceptional design engaging your customers, which adds true value to your brand with compelling simplicity and detail to the work.


We are a full-time creative studio specializing in motion graphics, visual efforts, and designs. With the latest technology, we craft realistic visuals to add life to your existing videos. Collaborate with our high-end professionals to convey great stories of your brand more interactive and experiential. If you want your grass look greener, we can always increase the saturation.


We embrace in rendering magic on screen. Whatever your needs, if the character moves in 2-D then we are on it. From developing concepts, scripts, storyboard to on-screen animatic experience, we are perfect partners for animation for your any need.


Extend your sense of advertising with SEVIKA. With our in-house strategic partners, we roll out leading markets to deliver experientially and PR leads to being your brand into life. With any form of content, we create an incredible opportunity to engage with your audience and provide an invaluable medium for growth. We create benchmark quality in media planning to ensure delivering the best in class campaigns. Our team aims to understand your business and delivering personalized customer service best in the industry.