UncategorizedHow successful can Digital Transformation get amidst covid-19?

How successful can Digital Transformation get amidst covid-19?

Digital transformation involves using digital technologies to renew a particular task to become more efficient or effective. The main idea is to make technology better and not just cloning the existing services. Especially digital technology is brought to focus of today’s economic upswing debate due to its extensive usage during the Covid-19 outbreak. Without question the pandemic situation is magnifying to adopt new technologies, technological upgradation were already changing the way we live for the past few decades.

Digital transformation is quite successful with or without covid-19, but the question is will this be the heart of technological advancements especially because of the covid-19? Yes, Digital Transformation is predicted as one of the most successful parts in reshaping the business process.

Though there are few downsides like uncertainty for the employees’ jobs and the fears of the robot –induced unemployment is on risk as the works conventionally performed by humans are replaced by robots or being automated. The fall in prices of the machines puts the low – skill jobs and routine tasks at stake. It is true that by the end of 2020 there will be 3 million new industrial robots.

Digital Transformation- A Roadmap to success

As the key findings of covid 19, digital technology is serving as a hub for creating new jobs and opportunities for many businesses. The Standard long-term work is being replaced by short-term work most often via online platforms which are becoming more flexible and easier for many employees than the usual traditional workflow.

1) The new Battleground – upskilling

The digital transformation accelerating in e-learning platforms especially with the new normal. Employees are turning to online platforms such as an upgrade to learn how to manage in this new virtual environment and developing new skills. In the midst of social distancing and work from home situation, professionals are snatching this opportunity to the fullest by investing their time to enhance knowledge as they want to stay relevant in the future.

2) Digital Communication – The new soul of business

Almost all worldwide organizations are looking for better approaches for engaging with customers as the result of COVID – 19, and digital transformation is extremely necessary to discuss business challenges. The Consumer buying patterns are already altered and the online channel which has been an optional one for the brick-and-mortar companies until this point – will become one of the mandatory channels in future.

3) Information Security – A certainty

Securing the data and other sensitive information about the customers and organization is very important mainly due to the real increase with working remotely and the surge in security breaches during the COVID – 19 has increased and many organizations are bringing up Information Security as a part of Digital Transformation the overall design by securing IT assets from servers to laptops and mobiles with the help of a right set of security tools being developed.

Insights of Digital Transformation through the eyes of COVID- 19

1) Microsoft’s 2 years of digital transformation progress in 2 months

Remote work culture has led to more than 200 million Microsoft Teams meeting participants in just a single day, creating more than 4.1 billion meetings. Teams have now 75 million daily active users, and of that two-thirds of them have shared, collaborated, or interacted with files on Teams as well, resulting in 2 years of digital transformation progress in just 2 months’ time.

2) Netflix’s Surge

Ever since the lockdown Netflix has seen subscribers count surging this year, the demand for Netflix has gone so high that the company decided to cut the video’s quality in certain regions to lessen the strain on internet service providers. The company hired 2000 customer support employees to deal with the expanded intrigue.

3) Udemy’s Growth in Global E-learning platform

COVID-19 has converted into expanded dependence on web-based learning as organizations shift to remote work and move away from travel and virtual meetings. There has been enormous enrolment in courses relating to Telecommuting, Virtual Teams, Self-Discipline, and Stress Management. Also, an increase in course creation as specialists around the globe are looking to share their knowledge and experience as well as supplement their income through online teaching.

4) BigBasket’s Spike

India’s largest online food and grocery store successfully managed an increase of 900% in demand with only 50% of its employees. The role of artificial intelligence and data analytics used to drive the strategies and make better decisions. From average basket value, delivery efficiency, customer complaints, etc. the team was able to manage its supply chain and efficiently handle the spike in orders.

Policies of future

The widespread of the Pandemic has led to the pressing need for businesses and government to adapt to this situation. Though digital transformation is booming almost everywhere some businesses are disconnected especially in developing countries like India. Many workers do face challenges and do not have access to the right skill and lack digital transformation which could make the lives of workers and businesses better. To face these challenges, businesses need to embrace technology and upgrade training programs to equip their workers with the best skills. This Pandemic has pushed society to a point where embracing digital technology is no more a choice but a necessity. With help of businesses and government, we can take this opportunity to develop and build the future.


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