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How to Influence Your Customer

How to Influence Your Customers?

The mind is your sales pitch.

It is no secret that emotions play a very important role that moves people into actions and makes the decisions to purchase your product. If you want to sell more, influencing your prospects is very important and decision making should be considered as a huge process when it comes to sales.

Thoughts in the mind of the customer:

Even when your prospect finds the quality in your product, they might not be willing to buy mainly because the prospect is afraid to TRUST you. A lot of things will be in the mind of the prospect. Initially, the prospect might be feeling nervous and worried about the product and the next phase would be ‘should I really trust this person? Is the money really worth ? ‘ and the next phase would be ‘what if the decision I make of buying this product/service goes wrong, will that become a regret?’

So how do we build that trust in customers and influence them?

1. Emotion First, logic Next:

The way you project yourself to the customer with loyalty and being genuine and authentic is only going to make the customer trust you. We must understand the emotions of the customer and how we can create empathy with the prospect. It is not always about the product but also about the human emotions that we are dealing with when it comes to influencing people. Of course, we need to know about the products that we are selling and the minute details of the product but that is something that you can always learn and pick it up. Understanding prospect and how the prospect thinks and decoding their emotional levels is way more important.

2. Industry, Product knowledge, market knowledge:

Demonstrating your industry knowledge with in-depth details of the current trends, policy changes giving minute attention to details. you should marinate into industry, product and do a scrupulous research and build your knowledge base and explain to your prospect.

3. Being honest:

As simple as this might sound, being honest not only means not explaining the details but also not skipping any details or lying by omission. For example, your product provides A, B, C, D and your customer asks you about A, B, C and you decide to omit D and later in future your prospect might be asking you about D, this situation also means that you are not being completely honest with your prospect.

4. Be direct and Straightforward:

Being Straightforward does not mean to be rude, it means to be straightforward with your product and don’t beat around the bush, you will eventually lose your prospect’s interest if you are not direct about your product.

5. Be Even-handed:

Going off-the-rails is common and should be avoided when a customer asks you a question be even-handed cover all the positives and negatives, and be fair enough and having an open-minded to even discuss this is very important. Don’t have extreme views, learn to look at both prospective and provide even-handed answers

6. Drop the enthusiasm:

The more we try to push a prospect into buying something the more will the prospect holds back. A psychological Phenomenon called reactance where when we try to push someone into one direction they get repelled. Don’t be over-enthusiastic and try to push or force the prospect to get to know or buy your product/service

7. Prospect don’t want the pitch:

When you meet a prospect and directly go into pitch mode even before getting into a normal conversation all they want is to get out of that selling situation. Develop a genuine conversation and if they look interested in what you are selling then explain, Never put pressure on the prospect into buying

8. Its about them and not you:

Regardless of how much of discounts/offer or sale you give if it doesn’t meet prospects interest and their need they are not going to buy. prospects don’t care about what offers you provide or anything extra all they are looking for is what is there for them and how they benefit from it.

These are some of the techniques to build trust and influence your customers, which is of course why customers keep buying from you and refer you to their friends and family. They expect value in the product/service you provide and once that is met they feel valued. This will truly build your business and improve sales growth and create long-lasting profitable relationships.

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