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Top 5 technology trends entering into 2021

2020 has been quite a year, hijacked by a global pandemic and presented to significant disturbance. The world has encountered great deal anguish and uncertainty. As we all are entering into 2021, there are some technologies that are expected to come around next year and define the next normal of this year.

The working habits have been shifted in recent times and even before 2020, the cloud has played an important role and value to the businesses by providing increased flexibility across many industries.

In the era of digital Enterprise, many technology applications like Edge AI, 5G and more are making a huge difference.

1) Edge AI
2) 5G for Industries
3) Cyber security
4) Circular Economy
5) Health Data
1) Edge Artificial Intelligence:

One of the key advantages of Edge Computing is preserving the bandwidth and increased efficiency of the users. By adding the Artificial Intelligence locally, many manufactures can reduce the latency and quicken the generation of insights while bringing down cloud administrations use and cost. With the Intelligence run locally, plants located in remote areas and poor to failure communication in the system, infrastructure are less subject to lose in connectivity and set back various decision making such as mission-critical and time-sensitive decision making. Examples such as adding the edge AI onto the industrial motors to improve the monitoring and creating predictive prescient maintenance capabilities.

2) 5G for Industries:

The world Economic Forum expects the 5G, to reach the global economic output and generate more than 20 billion jobs by the end of 2035. By boosting the manufacturing industries with more digital capabilities and 5g offers up to 100 times faster than 4G. The main concept is to improve image recognition and video analytics. The authenticity of the 5G connectivity gives the assurance of the stable network connection anywhere on the industry floors.

3) Cybersecurity:

Covid 19 crisis has created an unprecedented opportunity for cybercriminals to increase their attacks. The one major benefit of this technology is that this not only allows to create a security wall around the big organization but also for individuals, especially of the global remote working condition that has increased thanks to the cybersecurity mesh, the security perimeter goes beyond and covers individuals working remotely.

4) Circular Economy :

A circular economy is basically an economic system aimed at removing waste and the continual use of resources. Many organizations and businesses are in the pressure to reduce the natural resources in the production of the services and products for than business. The move from the transactional relationship on selling products to production and the consumption involving sharing, leasing and recycling existing materials. This gives the rise for the companies that help retail brands to build much white-labelled software as a service solution.

5) Health Data:

The healthcare market is expected to reach more than 60 billion by 2026. Health systems relied on technology to move virtually with remote work and more coordinated communication and data management during this global pandemic. Cybersecurity is now a new priority as ransomware attackers hit hospitals and health systems.


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