UncategorizedHow to reduce app uninstalls and increase app retention rate?

How to reduce app uninstalls and increase app retention rate?

If it takes X amount of time, effort, hard work and energy to make our users use your app. It will take double the amount of time effort and hard work to retain your customers and stop them from uninstalling your app. For any app, its retention is very important for the success of the app

However high the rates of downloads are that is not going to give any value to the business unless you value more in engaging and retaining your users

1. A recipe for failure to avoid:

Engagement of mobile app and its retention are two main metrics that provide an insight into the success of an application

Retention: The ratio of the number of users who continue to use the app consistently on a regular basis from installing the app to total no of users is known as app retention. Low mobile app engagement and retention is something we need to avoid.

Main reasons for uninstalling

A. Size of your app: If the app consumes more space on mobile phones it is more likely to be uninstalled or install it in the first place.

B. Security reasons:
All the more reasons are the privacy terms and conditions that play a very major role, asking too much of personal information and permission that is not relevant is not necessary instead by improving the data protection and making the users feel safe will improve the user’s engagement

C. Not fulfilling the need of the app: your app must provide what it originally states if not don’t give a promise to the users! This might seem like a very small thing but goes a long way. Considering the reviews of the users and trying to focus more on the negatives and proper response will improve the retention rate.

D. Annoying push notification: Push notification are effective in-app engagement. In-app messaging like sending right messages at the right time, creating event-based triggers to achieve improvement in engagement can be practised.

E. Complex Registration: Complex registration process, forced social logins, asking for too much information and wasting users time will drop the users for your mobile app.

How to reduce the uninstalls?

A. Master and monitor your analytics to find the drop points of your app. Gathering insightful data about how your customers engage helps to improve and take necessary actions. Understanding the app’s behaviour with help of various tools to analyze the bounce rate and overall performance matters.

B. Multi-channel engagement: Email marketing and social engagement is a great way to re-engage with customers who have gone away from the app. most users will consider coming back or start if they are offered discount or count for your purchase. Promotional code and Omnichannel strategy helps in improving the visibility with customers.

C. Gather feedback and survey to understand your app status in the market: Try to get multiple channels to directly gather feedback from the customers, look out for their reviews, conduct surveys to understand the customer’s pain point and fix the actual issues and prevent negative reviews going to the public in the first place.

How to increase app retention value?

A. Show users only what they need: Too much of information overloading in your app is never good. Users immediately discard your app if they don’t get to where they want to be.
(i) Simple login process
(ii) Good security and performance
(iii) No crashes and errors
are some of the things users expect in a mobile app.

B. Pushing customer engagement wisely:

Engagement with the customer is very important for any business. With consistent and wise marketing strategies like social media, push notification and deliver what customers were told in the first place.

C. Visual analytics and touch heatmaps:

Having visual report helps you get a breakdown of all the gestures in a visual format. All the taps, swipes, pinches and actions on your app give you a better insight into the user behaviour. These actions help to find the why behind the user’s behaviours. The key to using visual analytics is to monitor, analyze, optimize, launch, and repeat.

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